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About The Books

There are tons of people that create content based on their experience or seeing others give their feedback on what they want to cover. It takes years, sometimes even decades, of research to put out the best content so people can relate to it. This is something similar to what Bob Braudrick wanted to do. Hence, here is a summary of all his three books. A little over a year ago, someone who loved Bob Braudrick’s sales training videos and who tried to turn them into a book approached him. Bob Braudrick accepted their offer and was flattered by the end product and their faith in his teaching. Those of you, who have watched his many sales training videos will notice that the format differs from Bob Braudrick’s speaking voice somewhat and that the structure probably makes a lot more sense. While Bob Braudrick wished that he could take the credit, but the changes belong to the professional editors. The author sincerely hopes that their diligent work of turning his thoughts into written word helps you in your profession. Here is the only promise that Bob Braudrick can make. Read these pages, apply the lessons, and it guarantees you not only success at the highest relative level but, more importantly, happiness in what you do for a career!